a tempting collection of kababs
Chapli Kabab
Ground chicken meat patties with fresh onions and cracked coriander seeds
Seekh Kabab
Ground chicken meat, shaped and flame grilled on skewers
Shami Kabab
Ground chicken patties
Ground chicken meatballs with chili flakes
Kafta Kabab
Ground chicken meat with fresh mint, shaped and flame grilled on skewers
a delightfull collection of breaded products
Breaded nugget shaped chicken patties
Breaded chicken and cheese croquettes
Haray Bharay Nuggets
Breaded nugget shaped chicken patties with fresh green chilies and cilantro
Chicken Patties
Breaded chicken patties
Tender Pops
Boneless, breaded chicken bites
skinless frankfurters and cold cuts
Skinless Chicken Frankfurter
Skinless Chicken Jumbo Franks
with cheese and onion
Chicken Mortadella Slices
with cracked black peppercorn and pistachios
How we ship
We pack your products with same care and effort that go into producing flavorful high quality Purely Different chicken products.
With standards and processes guided by our ethos, we ensure your shipment is handled like food should be.

Your order is hand packed by our own warehouse personnel and shipped directly from our manufacturing plant to your home, so they arrive in frozen condition.
Even though your shipping carton is designed and prepared to keep contents frozen, we recommend you transfer your products immediately to freezer upon receiving your order.
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